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Frequently used texts can be saved as text blocks when using the template engine. These text blocks can then be loaded into the defined variables. If there are text blocks that have the same name as the variable, they are loaded directly into the text fields.

Creating and editing text blocks

If we want to create, edit or delete text blocks, we can do this under Administration ⇒ Templates. In the upper area we switch to the tab “Text blocks”. We have the following view:

text blocks

By double-clicking on a variable we can edit it directly.

Loading text blocks into the template

As already mentioned, blocks with the same name as the variable are loaded directly. If we want to load a new text block, we click on the button with the magnifying glass to the right of our text field. The following view opens:

text blocks

We can select our desired text block here and then click OK to load the contents of the block into our template.

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