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In general, dewabit distinguishes between two types of description templates.

On the one hand, there are templates that do not contain any individual variables. We call these types of templates “standard HTML templates”. You can edit these templates with the TextBox or a WYSIWYG-Editor.

On the other hand, there are template engine templates that contain variables. These templates can only be edited with the template engine.

Which type of template (and correspondingly which editor you use) depends on how complex your HTML template is. The easiest way to create and edit simple templates (i. e. templates without a gallery, without elaborate CSS formatting,…) is to use the WYSIWYG editor.

If, on the other hand, you have a template that contains a gallery or a complex design based on CSS, we recommend that you use the template engine. To find out how to use the template engine, see the following pages.

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