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In dewabit the data is automatically synchronized in the background. In the settings, however, you have the option to determine if and when this data is to be synchronized. This can be useful, for example, if you have a large number of active items and notice that performance problems occur because the new data record is called and loaded for each change in the background. The following options are available:

Synchronize data when starting dewabit or on account change

When dewabit is started and an account is changed, the current status is synchronized. When deactivating the function, the synchronization is skipped and the main window is immediately visible.

Synchronize data automatically

As soon as dewabit is started, the dewabit app receives a notification for each new record and updates itself automatically.

Synchronization settings

The automatic synchronization can either be switched off completely, then the data records for items, orders, messages and feedback must be synchronized manually. The manual synchronization is done in the respective tables via the button with the cloud ().

Manual sync

As an alternative, you can leave the automatic synchronization enabled, but increase the synchronization interval. The following options are available:

  • On every change (default)
  • Check for changes every 15 minutes (interval)
  • Check for changes every 30 minutes (interval)
  • Check for changes every hour (interval)
  • Check for changes every 2nd hour (interval)

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