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CSV properties

You can define the CSV properties globally for your CSV import/export in the settings as described in the profile manager. The entries will affect the predefined profiles, the import/export of variations, and the import/export of vehicles.

Import/Export settings

CSV file name

For CSV files of items/orders, variations or the vehicles, you can specify a fixed CSV file name in each case. Variables are available within the file name for this purpose.

{TYPE}Item or Orderdewabit_Item_09.15.2016.csv
{ItemID}Item numberdewabit_variations_AV11111.csv
{SiteID}ebay sitedewabit_vehicles_Germany.csv

You can additionally extend the file name with a timestamp.

Import/Export settings


The following characters are not allowed within the file name:

  • /
  • \
  • :
  • *
  • ?
  • <
  • >
  • |

Define the time format

As already mentioned, you can also specify your own time format in addition to the file name in order to separate your backups more easily. There are many different format specifiers. The default value for the format is: dd-MM-yyyy_HH, which returns the following time when rewritten: 03-05-2019_10. We offer different predefined time formats, but you can also create your own.

The most important specifier for creating the time format are:

Format specifierDescriptionExamples
“d”The day of the month (1-31)1, 2, .. 31
“dd”The day of the month (01-31)01, 02, .. 31
“ddd”The abbreviated name of the dayMon, Tue, .. Sun
“dddd”The full name of the dayMonday, .. Sunday
“M”The month (1-12)1, 2, .. 12
“MM”The month (01-12)01, 02, .. 12
“MMM”The abbreviated name of the monthJan, Feb, .. Dec
“MMMM”The abbreviated name of the monthJanuary, .. December
“yy”The year with 2 digits00, .. 18, 19
“yyyy”The year with 4 digits2000, .. 2018, 2019
“HH”The hour, using a 24-hour clock01, .. 24
“hh”The hour, using a 12-hour clock01, .. 12
“mm”The minute01, .. 59
“ss”The second01, .. 59

The time format: dddd-MMMM-yyyy_HH-mm would output the following time: Friday-May-2019_10-55.

The upper and lower case of the format specifier is important and the characters that are not allowed in the file name must not be used for the time format!

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