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If you have several orders from one buyer and these have not yet been completed, you can combine the orders in dewabit. The simplest way to display summary orders is to set the predefined filter “Show combinable orders”. You can find this filter in the top right corner of the table with the orders.

Show combine orders

After you have selected the filter, all summarizable orders will be displayed grouped by buyer. To combine orders, you must select the desired orders and then right-click on “combine orders”.

Summarizable orders

The window for combine orders opens. This is divided into the tabs Order overview and Payment and Shipping. In the order overview you can see information about the buyer and can contact him via the ebay message function. You will also see a summary of all purchased items from the selected orders. The Total field is automatically calculated on the basis of all items and can be revised by you if necessary.

Order view

A revision of the total amount may be necessary if different shipping conditions are available. The Shipping and Payment tab displays all available payment and shipping conditions for the orders. Here you can specify which condition you allow for the combined order. If you now choose a shipping method that is no longer free, you can adjust the total amount.

Payment and shipping

After a successful summary, the orders are deleted and the new combined order is added. This will receive a new order number from ebay and is ready to be shipped.

Combined order

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