Bulk revise orders

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In addition to the option to mark as paid or as shipped in single orders, you can with dewabit also easily and quickly process the order status of multiple orders bundled. Therefore you have to select in the table with the orders those which should be revised bundled. Then you start the processing by right clicking => Bulk revise order status.

Bulk revise orders

After that, the bulk revise orders window opens. In this window, you see the input fields for bulk revise in the upper area and information about the selected purchase order in the lower area. The input fields have the same functionality as the bulk revise of items. Only the input fields containing a value are overwritten.

Bulk revise order state

You can switch between the orders via the next and back button. You will immediately see the changes in the bundled processing and can make specific adjustments as required. You also have the option of leaving out bundled processing and adjusting each order manually.

You can also use the arrow keys left () and right () to switch between orders.

Revise order status

Once you have made all the changes, you can synchronize them with ebay by clicking the “revise orders” button. When changing orders, you will see a note indicating whether an order has been revised or not. Orders that should not be revised can be reset via the icon (). When synchronizing to ebay, only the orders that contain a change will be revised.

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