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In order to be allowed to make requests to ebay, we need an ebay token. This token is usually valid for up to 1 12 years. It can also lose its validity before then, in which case it must be renewed.

Token renew

If you manage more than one ebay account with dewabit, you should first check ebay.com and/or ebay.de to see if you are logged out there. Due to an active session, the token renewal may not work as the wrong account may be submitted by ebay.

To renew your token, you must first log in to the member area. There you will see all connected accounts including the token expiry time in the ebay-Accounts tab. Click on Show details of the account where you want to renew your token.

Member area

You will then see the details view of the account. Click on the blue button Renew token.

Token renew

Now you will be redirected to the ebay page where you have to enter your ebay credentials (not your dewabit credentials) of the account which should receive a new token.

During this process you have to enter your ebay login data twice. It is also important that you enter the same login data, otherwise the renewal will not work!

ebay login site

If you have successfully registered, then confirm dewabit by clicking Agree.

Accept dewabit

You will then be redirected back to our members area where you will receive notification that the token has been renewed.

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