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In the account management you can manage your linked ebay accounts. After you have selected the menu item “ebay accounts”, you will receive an overview of the currently linked accounts. Depending on which plan you have booked, you can bind a certain number of ebay accounts to your dewabit account free of charge.

You get an overview of the number of possible links here.

Add a new account

If you would like to link another ebay account to your dewabit account, click on the button “Link new ebay account” in the upper area of the account administration. You will then be redirected to ebay, where you have to enter the access data of the new account to be linked. After the input you will be redirected back into the member area.

Add a new account

Activate or deactivate an account

You have the possibility to deactivate an already linked ebay account. Simply click on “Deactivate” in the corresponding account. If you deactivate an account, the number of active items in the account to be deactivated will no longer be included in the calculation of your plan. More information about the plans and the corresponding limits can be found here.

Renew an ebay token

If you link a new ebay account then it has a certain duration. Tokens expire, so they have to be renewed from time to time. You can do this by clicking on “Renew token”.

You can find the function to renew the token under the following link:

Extend token

View details

Information about which data we manage for which account can be obtained by clicking on “Show details”. There you can see the number of synchronized items, orders and messages.

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