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As soon as you have selected a folder in the navigation bar, the corresponding folder opens in a tabular view on the right side of the main window.


As soon as the items are visible on the right, you can navigate within the list. By double-clicking on an item, the corresponding item is opened in a detailed view. If you right-click, a context menu opens with additional actions.

Selecting items

You can select items by clicking on them in the list.

Select multiple items: To do this, hold down the CTRL key and select the desired items.

Select a range: First select an item. Then hold down the CTRL and Shift buttons and click with the mouse on another item. The area between the two items will be selected.

Select all items: Press the CTRL and A buttons. All items (filtered if necessary) will be selected.

Drag and Drop

Depending on which folder you are in, you can use drag and drop to copy and/or move your items to other folders. In this way you can select your active items and then store them in the drafts. You can create your own folders in the Active items and Drafts and categorize them using drag and drop. If you move items from and to the drafts, you can copy the article instead of moving it while holding down the CTRL key.

Search and filter items

If you want to filter your items, for example because you are looking for a certain item, you can do this with the filter row.

To do this, enter your search terms directly in the cell of the first row and then press Enter. Note: If you are inside a subfolder, only the items in this folder will be filtered. If you want to filter all items, switch to the top folder (e.g. Active).

You also have the option of adjusting the predefined filter. Click on the small arrow on the right side of the text field where you enter your search terms.

If you click on the filter icon in the header area, a filter popup window opens where you can specify additional filters.

If you want to remove all set filters, right-click on the top line and click on “Remove all filters”.

Edit item quickly

You have the possibility to edit an item directly in the overview page. To do this, switch to your active items and activate direct editing by right-clicking or in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Edit item quickly

As soon as direct editing is activated, you can update items directly by double-clicking on Price, Quantity, SKU and Notes. Confirm the change with Enter. Deactivate direct editing as soon as you are finished, as you cannot open any items with a double-click in edit mode.

Edit item quickly

Action during a double click on an item

In the settings you can change the settings for the tables active and drafts specify which action to perform when double-clicking on an item.

Action selection during a double click

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