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Items from the Unsold and Sold folder can be relisted using the ebay relist function. You also have the option to revise the items before they are relisted.

Relist items

To relist an item, you must select an item in the unsold or sold folder and right-click on relist item.

Relist items

This will open the item management window with different editing options.

Relist item: When this option is selected, the item is reset based on the fields in the item management window. This allows you to make changes to the item before uploading it.

Relist item without changes: If you do not want to make any changes, you must select this option. The item is immediately discontinued.

Add to queue: The option: “Add to queue” does not immediately relist the item, but copies it to the queue. If you make changes to the item, they will be applied. Items that are to be added again have the icon in the queue:

Save as draft: With this option, the item is saved as a new draft and is not relisted.

Relist item in item management window

Bulk relist items

In addition to the simple relist option, you also have the option of bulk relist items. To do this, you must select more than one item in the table and click on “relist items”.

Bulk relist items

The window for bulk relist will then open. There are 3 actions available in this window:

  • Transfer items unchanged to the queue
  • Bulk revise items and transfer them to the queue
  • Immediately relist items
Bulk relist items

In addition to the processing action, you will be shown a hint as to whether there are already relisted items in the selection. In this case, you can still determine whether all items should still be revised or only those that have not yet been relisted.

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