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This section deals with profile management. Basic questions about how profiles work have already been explained in the previous section.

To manage your profiles, you must first open the profile manager. The profile manager can be reached via the main and item management window in the menu under Tools ⇒ Profile manager.

Open profile manager main window Open profile manager article administration window

This will open the profile manager which, if the dewabit profiles are used, does not contain any profiles at the first start. You can add a new profile by clicking on the plus icon ().

Synchronize profiles

As soon as you create or edit a profile, it is automatically synchronized. You also have the possibility to synchronize the profiles manually by clicking on the update button ().

Every ebay site has its own profiles. If your profiles are not complete even after synchronization, make sure you are on the correct ebay page. Otherwise you can change the ebay page in the settings.

Payment profiles

In the first tab “Payment” you can define your payment conditions. These reflect the payment tab in the item management window.

Profile Manager Payment

Shipping profiles

The next tab “Shipping” manages the shipping conditions. These reflect the Shipping Tab in the Item Management window.

Profile Manager Shipping

Return profiles

The return conditions are managed in the “Return” tab. These reflect the return tab in the item management window.

Profile Manager Return

Profile information

For detailed information on a profile, click on the information button (). There you can see the profile name, description and the status, if it is the default profile.

If they are dewabit profiles, you can deselect the default profile so that you do not have a default profile. This does not apply to the ebay business policies, because there a standard profile is always required.

Options & Information

As soon as you have created a profile, you have the possibility to edit it via the pen button (), to delete it () or to create a new profile (). It is also possible to copy a profile by clicking on the copy button (). In addition, information about your current ebay page and the type of profile you are using is displayed at the bottom left.

Profile Manager Information

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