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You can use profiles so that you do not have to enter the same data each time you manage item. Profiles automatically fill in the appropriate fields. A distinction is made between the “dewabit profiles” and the “ebay business policies”, which basically fulfil the same task. You can create profiles for payment, shipping and return.

ebay business policies

The business policies are on ebay and can be managed with dewabit. In order to be able to use the ebay business policies, you have to activate it on ebay in your area. When dewabit is started, a check is made to see whether they are active and if successful, the business policies conditions are loaded.

If you have activated the business policies conditions, you can no longer use dewabit profiles and all fields at Create or revise an item are deactivated and can only be managed by means of the business policies condition.

The advantage of the ebay business policies is that you can link profiles with items on ebay. If, for example, your return conditions change, you only have to adjust the business policies conditions with dewabit. As a result, ebay automatically revises the corresponding items without you having to upload each individual item again. The assignment of a business policies condition to an item is done in the item management. For more information on the business policies conditions, see

If you edit a business policy, this affects all the items associated with it. Therefore pay attention to your entries before synchronizing them with ebay.

Force business policies

ebay does not allow everyone to activate the business policies conditions. So that you can still use it, you have the possibility to enforce the Business policies conditions in the settings of dewabit.

dewabit Profiles

The dewabit profiles are managed by us and are synchronized with our server. These are only used to fill in the data of the profile in the respective fields during Creating or editing an item. After the profile has been loaded, you can continue to edit the fields manually, which does not work for the business policies conditions. Editing the dewabit profiles has no influence on the active items on ebay. The dewabit profiles are automatically loaded if you have deactivated the business policies conditions on ebay.

Synchronize profile type

If it should happen that the wrong profiles were loaded, i. e. business policies conditions instead of dewabit profiles or vice versa, you can click in the settings of dewabit under business policies conditions the button “Force update”. This synchronizes the data and checks whether the business policies conditions on ebay are activated and automatically loads the correct profiles.

Manage profiles

If you want to manage your profiles, you can do so via our profile manager. Continue to Profile management.

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