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In addition to the search and filter function of item grids you can also search for items using the item description, condition description, payment information and/or the return information.

To start the item search, you must click in the menu of the main window on Tools => Item search.

Open item search

After you click on Search Items in the main window, the window opens to search for items.

Item Search Window

The advantage of the item search is that you can search for content that is not available in the table search. The following setting options are available as search fields to be considered:

  • Item description
  • Condition description
  • Payment information
  • Return information

Item-grids and operations

In addition to the setting options of the search fields, you can also select in which item table the search is to be carried out. All tables are available as selection options.

Available tables in the item search

Depending on which item table was selected, different operators can be used for further processing of the items during a successful search. The following table describes which operators are available for an item table.

Bulk reviseEnd itemsRelist itemsRemove items from dewabit

To start a search, enter your search term in the input field and click on the “search” button. When opening the window, the default value all search fields are activated and the item table Active is selected.

To speed up the search, you should only select the fields that should be included in the search. In addition, your input should be as accurate as possible so that the right items are found. If you are looking for items that use the dewabit template engine as an example, the search term “template” would not be recommended because it could also appear in other descriptions. A suitable input would be: “dewabit_template”.

Results in item search

You can also use tabs and line breaks in the input field. To create a line break, you must press the key combination SHIFT + ENTER. If you enter the Enter key without shift, the search is started.

Bulk revise

If you want to bulk revise the found items and there are items on different ebay pages, an intermediate window opens first. In this window you have to specify which items you want to bulk revise by selecting an ebay page. If you choose bulk revise, all items must be on the same ebay page. Therefore, only the items that are on your selected ebay page will be removed from the selection.

Bulk revise in item search

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