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Items, often in the category of vehicle parts, require a list of compatible vehicles. With dewabit you can manage this list.

In order to create a list of compatible vehicles, you must first select a category that supports compatibility. Mostly there are categories in the area Auto & Motorcycle: Parts.

Compatible vehicles - category selection

If you have selected a suitable category, the tab Compatibility appears automatically.

An active internet connection is required to manage the vehicles. However, it is still possible to edit the remaining input fields without an active Internet connection. An already created vehicle list will not be lost and will be transferred without changes.

Compatible vehicles create

You can select your compatible vehicles step by step, similar to ebay. If you click on the Marke input field, all possible vehicles for the selected category will open. You can also search for terms by entering the search term in the input field. You must activate the checkbox to confirm the entry.

Compatible vehicles search

After you have selected the brand: BMW, for example, the second selection field is activated, here Modell, in which you will find all matching values of the previously selected brand. The selection is now listed here in subcategories. This means that when selecting the brand BMW and Audi, the possible selection fields are grouped by brand.

Compatible vehicles search

The third selection field, here Plattform, is also activated as soon as you have made a selection in the second field.

Compatible vehicles search

As soon as the upper 3 selection fields have been filled in, all suitable vehicles appear in the lower area.

Compatible vehicles selection

The vehicle list is available for any ebay page that supports compatibility. The 3 selection fields are generated dynamically, depending on the page.


As in the item tablesyou have the possibility to filter and select vehicles. The same key combinations are used for selecting. This allows you to select specific vehicles and select functions with a right click.

The following functions are available:

  • Activate: Activated checkboxes are compatible vehicles, which are transferred to ebay.
  • Deactivate: Deactivated checkboxes are not transferred to ebay
  • Set note: Set bundled note function opens.
  • Delete: Selected vehicles will be removed from the list.
Compatible vehicles functions

Set notes

On the one hand individual notes can be defined by double-clicking on the cell of the desired vehicle and on the other hand you can set notes bundled by selecting all desired vehicles and then clicking on Right click => Set note. An input field will then open for you to enter your note.

Notes are shown publicly on ebay.

Compatible vehicles set notes

Grouping of vehicles

As it can quickly become confusing due to the large number of vehicles, individual table columns can be grouped and displayed. To do this, double-click on the bar above the column names.

Compatible vehicles grouping

This will open an area in which you can simply drag and drop a column from the table into it. Depending on which and how many columns you group, the result will be displayed adjusted. You can also move the order of the selected grouping columns to manipulate the display. By clicking on a grouping column, you specify the sort order in which the values should be displayed (from top to bottom or inverted).

Compatible vehicles grouping

Import/Export compatible vehicles

You can import and export the vehicle where-used list of an item. Information about this can be found in Vehicles: Import/Export.

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