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As described in the tab “Price / Format” you have the possibility to manage variations with dewabit. First you have to select a category which supports variations. You will see a note in the tab “Price / Format”, if the selected category supports variations. If you have selected the format on “Fixed price offer with variants”, you can click on the button “Create variations”.

Activate variations

After you have activated the variations, you will be directed to the “Variations” tab. Here you can define your own item specifics (variant types) or, if the function has not yet been executed, load specifics proposed by ebay, as with the item specifics. In addition to the same settings as for the specifics, you can also define the default SKU, Price and Quantity fields here. The entered values are then used as default values when creating the variations.

Once activated, variation types can no longer be used as item specifics. In addition, you cannot add any more variation types after you have created variations. The activated variation types in the following are “Size” and “Color”.

item-management-window variations

If you have filled out everything as desired you can create your variations. The variation window with the first available variant will then appear.

Create variations

Variations Options

Once you have successfully created the variations, the following options are available.

Add variations

You can use the plus icon () to add individual variations, if not all combinations have already been used. The newly added variation automatically appears as the first variation and is ready for editing. You can switch a variation to edit mode by double-clicking it.

Add variations

Add bundled variations

If you want to add more than one variant, click on the icon (). A window with all available variations will appear. Now you can activate the variations you want to add.

Add variations bundled

Edit variations

If, for example, you manage the variation type “Color” with the properties “Red” and “Blue”, you can use the icon () to add further properties such as the color “Green”. After a click your created variation types will be displayed with the used properties. You now have the same editing options as when creating variants. After you have clicked on “Save changes”, your variations will be displayed again.

If you delete properties, such as the color “red”, and they were previously used, they are automatically deleted and cannot be restored.

Edit variations

Bulk edit variations

You can edit the fields “Number” and “Price” bundled. To do this, click on the icon ().

Edit variations bundled

You can then decide which column you want to revise bundled. There are 3 possible actions for you to revise:

  • Overwrite old value
  • Keep old value and add new one
  • Keep old value and multiply new one

After you have made your selection, enter your desired value in the last field and click on “Apply”.

make selection

Now all variations are displayed again with the old and new values and you can decide for which variants the change is to be carried out.

Manage variation images

In the box “Variation photos” you can manage the photos of the different variations. Via the combobox you can specify which selection on ebay should be used to display the photos. In this case the logical selection would be the variant type “Color”. After the type “Color” has been selected in this example, the number of stored photos for a property is displayed next to it.

Manage variation images

To edit photos you have to click on the button “Edit photos”. The following window will open:

variation Images

The window works and offers the same functions as the item pictures. However, it is also possible to switch between the variations in order to assign the correct images to the variation.

Copy images

Once variants have been created, you can copy images between each variation and the item. To do this, first select who you want to copy images from via the 2 combo boxes and drag them into the target field with the mouse. This works in both directions. Then click on “Apply” to confirm.

Copy variation images

This function is only available when variations have been created.

Variations Import/Export via CSV

You can import and export the variations of an item. For more information, see Variations Import/Export.

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