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Before you can define the specifics of an item, you must first select a category, otherwise this tab is hidden.

Once you have selected a category, you can add a specific by clicking on the plus icon () in the upper right corner. You can also download suggested specifics from ebay using the download icon ().

Manage item specifics

General options

The following options, which you can select in the upper right-hand corner, are available for managing specifics.

Manage article specifics

Delete specifics

To delete all specifics, click on the waste bin ().

Sort specifics

You can sort the specifics according to your preference by clicking on the sort arrow (). This will open a window where you can sort the specifics with the mouse in the desired order.

Sort item specifics

Specific options of a specific

Some specifics have the following additional options:

Item specific Options

Edit properties

To edit properties of a specific, you must click on the checkbox (). In the following window you can select or deselect the desired properties, add new ones or edit the description directly.

Edit Properties

Edit properties quickly

If you do not want to manage the properties using the first variant, you can edit them quickly by clicking on the pen (). In this window you have to enter all properties separated by a semicolon ;.

Edit Properties

Delete specific

To delete a selected specific, click on the waste bin () next to the specific.

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