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In the tab “Shipping” you can define the shipping conditions of the item. You have the choice between “Shipping” and “Pickup”. To the right of it you can determine how long you need to send the item. If you choose “Shipping” as the shipping type, you can specify several shipping methods for both domestic and international shipping. If you have created a cost table for combo payments on ebay, you can also enter it.

If cost table data is not displayed correctly, you can synchronize your data with ebay in the settings.

item-management-window dispatch

International shipping

If you would like to offer your items abroad, you must first activate the checkbox under “International shipping”. Thereupon you can indicate several dispatch types like with the domestic dispatch.

international shipping

With international shipping, you can determine in which country the shipment will take place. To specify this, you must click on the “Select” button in the respective shipping method and then select your shipping destinations.

International Shipping: Select Countries

The choices are loaded and displayed by ebay. We have no influence on the displayed values.

Exclude shipping destinations

You have the option of excluding shipping destinations. Under destinations also “Poststation” or “Paketshop” are counted. To exclude destinations you have to click on the button “Exclude destinations”.

Exclude destinations

Now you can either exclude entire regions or individual countries.

Exclude shipping destinations

The choices are loaded and displayed by ebay. We have no influence on the displayed values.

Package information

You can enter information on the package weight and dimensions. This is often required for the shipping option: Calculated: The costs depend on the location of the buyer or the shipping costs table.

Package information

Shipping profiles

To avoid having to enter all fields again each time, you have the option of creating profiles. }}“>Here you can find information about the use of profiles.

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