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In the tab “Price / Format” you can set the format of the offer and the duration. For the format you can choose between “Auction”, “Fixed price offer” and “Fixed price offer with variations”. The latter case is only available if you have selected a category that supports variations. A note is displayed if variations are allowed. Depending on which format you have selected, different input options are displayed. In the example, you cannot specify the number of items for auctions, but you can for fixed-price offers. In addition to the format, you can also enter the VAT here and, if desired, allow ebay Plus.


Best offer

In order to accept best offers, a category must also be entered here. This category must allow best offers.


If you have ebay permission, you can offer 1-Day-Auctions with dewabit. You have to activate the checkbox for 1-Day-Auctions in the settings under Listing.

enable 1-Day-Auctions

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