In this tab you can manage the item pictures. If you have not yet selected any images, you can enter either a local image or a URL for an image. Your local images are uploaded to the ebay servers, while images that are on another server are displayed by ebay. You must therefore ensure that they are always accessible.

Only images that are on a server with SSL (HTTPS) are allowed.

To add local images, click on the plus icon (). You can then select one or more images. It is also possible to drag and drop the images directly into the window.

Item images

If you have selected an image, all images are displayed on the left, while in the right part the selected image is enlarged with further information. The first picture is automatically the gallery picture and for this you have the possibility over “Gallery plus” that it is displayed enlarged in the ebay search. Please note that this option can lead to fees on ebay. If you have selected more than one image, you can change the order by clicking on the arrows in the left pane or simply drag and drop the images.

Artikelbilder hinzugefügt

Only references to images are saved. If you save an item as a draft and add new, local images there, only the reference to the image is saved. You should therefore no longer move or delete the image on your computer, otherwise the link will be empty. Our recommendation: Create a folder where you can store and manage all images for dewabit.

Adding images from an external server

If you have not selected a local image or all images are not on the ebay servers, you can enter your own image urls by clicking on the world icon ().

Artikelbilder mittels URL

Other options

If you use our Template-Engine, you can use variables to display items images directly in the description.