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In this tab you can manage the item pictures. You can either add a local image or enter a URL to an image. Your local images are uploaded to the ebay servers, while images that are on another server are displayed by ebay. You must therefore ensure that they are always accessible.

Only images that are on a server with SSL (HTTPS) are allowed.

Add local images

To add local images you can click on the plus icon () or drag and drop the images into the dewabit window.

Add local images

Adding images from an external server

Another possibility is to enter a picture url. You have to click on the () in the menu bar and on Add image URLs.

Add images from URLs

The window for revising the image urls will open. Existing image urls are automatically recognized and can be edited so that the image does not have to be deleted beforehand.

Manage image urls

Image management and options

After adding images, they will be displayed in the left part of the window. The right part shows the selected image with additional options. The first image is automatically the gallery image and for this you have the option “Gallery plus” to enlarge it in the ebay search. Please note that this option can lead to fees on ebay.

Item images added

Determine order

You can change the order of the images using the buttons ( ) or simply drag and drop them with the mouse.

Rotate images

Rotate the selected image 90 degrees using the buttons ( ).

Delete images

Individual images can be deleted using the button () in the list view. In addition, the selected image can be deleted using the Remove key on the keyboard. If all images are deleted, click on the button () in the upper menu bar.

Export images

You have the possibility to export all assigned images. To do this, click the button in the menu bar (). Then you have to specify a path where the images should be saved. You can link the exported images directly to the item.

Export images

Let dewabit manage your images

When saving items, only the reference to the images in the item is saved. This leads to a problem if the local or hosted image is moved or deleted because it can no longer be found and used by dewabit. Since the update 1.9.0 it is possible to let dewabit manage the images. This option must be activated in the settings.

If you use the dewabit Template-Engine and one of our free templates, the images will be automatically loaded into the item description when editing an item.

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