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In this tab, the item categories and, if available, the shop categories are entered beside of the title. If required, you can also enter the start time, which is managed by ebay. Please note that the fields “Subtitle”, “Plan start time” and “Second category” can cause fees on ebay.

General Administration Window

Select category

If you want to select a category, you have 3 possibilities. For the first option, click on the “Select” button in the category box, which then opens the category window. In the first tab “Show suggestions” suggested categories will be displayed. Once you have entered a title, dewabit automatically searches for suitable categories. However, you can also enter your own and further information about your article to find the desired category.

Select proposed category

If you want to select the category via a tree structure instead, this is done in the tab “Select category”. Double-click to open subcategories. Once you have reached the end category, it will be selected.

Select category yourself

The third and last way to select a category is to enter the category Id directly into the “Category ID” field. This works if no category has been entered yet.

Suggested titles

As soon as you have successfully created or edited an item, the title you entered will be saved and displayed in the title field as a suggestion for the next entry. Only the last 10 titles will be saved.

Suggested titles

In settings you can reset the suggestions and specify whether auto-completion should be activated.

Reset suggested titles

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