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You have the option of ending one or more items at once with the option of relisting. To do this, select one or more items from the active items and then right-click. In the following context menu, select “End items”.

End items

The following window opens:

End items window

You then specify the reason for the ending of the items.

If you would like to relist the items after ending, activate the checkbox “Relist as new item”.

Inventory option

When you relist your items, you can keep the current inventory or the inventory with which the item was originally listed.

Processing options

You can choose between the following processing options:

Transfer to queue

This is the recommended setting. The items will be copied to the queue as new items.

Save as drafts

The ended items are stored in the drafts and not directly relisted.

Transfer to ebay immediately

The ended items will be uploaded to ebay without any detours. This is only recommended for a few items (up to 5).

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