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With dewabit it is possible to link your items with the ebay catalog. If available, you can simply enter the EPID assigned by ebay, in the article management window. If the EPID is not known, you can search for the product in the catalog.

Artikel über Katalog einstellen

Another possibility to open the catalog window is via the item management window. There you open the catalog search in the menu bar and in the tab Item.

Administration window article

After you have opened the catalog search, the following window opens:

catalog search

Several search options are available.

  • Number of results: This returns the number of results found. The larger the number, the longer the query takes. You should therefore describe your search query as precisely as possible in order to find the product you are looking for.
  • ebay page: Here you can select on which ebay page you want to search your product. If you open this window via article management window, the ebay page on which the article is to be listed is automatically selected.
  • Filter: Here you can narrow down your search query. You can select the product identification as an example if you know the GTIN, EAN, UPC or the ISBN of the product.
  • Enter: In this field you describe your product.

In the input field you should describe your product appropriately. If, for example, you want to sell a black iPhone Xs Max, the entry “iPhone” would not be recommended, as a large number of products will be found. A suitable request would be: “iPhone Xs Max - 64GB - Black”.

After you have filled in your criteria and described the product, click on the button “Search”. If something is found, the results will be listed below. In the left column you can select the product, whereupon you will find information about it in the right column. This includes the title, the product identification but also the article characteristics. Click the button () to open your browser with the link of the product to the ebay catalog.

Catalog search results

You can load the description and further item characteristics indicated over the Button “further information load”, if available.

Advanced catalog search results

When you list an item with a link to the catalog, ebay automatically adds information, such as the item specifics, even if it is not submitted to ebay. Therefore, when you select a product, this information will be automatically displayed from dewabit and some input fields, such as the title, will be overwritten.

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