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To edit active items, drafts, or queued items in a bundle, you must select more than one item from the list and then right-click on “Bulk revise”.

Start bundled edit

This opens the window for editing the articles, which is strongly oriented to the Item management window.

Bulk revise

How it works

In bulk revise mode, only the fields that contain a value are overwritten. If, for example, you set the value “Test title” for titles, all items would be overwritten with this title. The remaining properties of the article would not change.


Checkboxes contain 3 different choices for bulk revise, with the following meanings:

  • The field is ignored during editing.
  • Activates the field and overwrites all items with this value.
  • Disables the field and overwrites all items with this value

Combo boxes

Each combo box now has an additional option that allows you to delete the selected value. To do this, click on the delete icon () in the combo box.

Bulk revise: Delete combobox

Text fields

To delete the content in a text field, you must enter the term dewabit_clear in the text field. Otherwise, an empty field will be ignored.

Bulk revise: Clear textfield

Replace template

After you have loaded your items into the queue, check them randomly to see if the changes have been applied as desired!

When using the Template-Engine you have the possibility to replace your template bundled. Select the checkbox “Replace template” in the tab “Description” and then select your updated template.

Bulk revise: Replace Template

Replace template

What happens when I replace the template? The variables from the item description are extracted from your offers and stored temporarily. Your updated template will then be loaded. The variables in the new template are then filled with the extracted variables from the old description. It is therefore important that the names of the variables remain the same in the updated template.

Update text blocks

If you have not only edited your template but have also updated the text blocks of the template, you can overwrite them with the checkbox “Update text blocks”.


If your descriptions were not created with the Template-Engine you have the possibility to extract your description from your old template. The extraction is done with the XPath selector. Information about XPath can be found under the following link:


Example: To load the whole description (assuming no template was used) the selector //* would be usable. If the content of a table with the ID “Description” is to be loaded, the following selector would be usable: //table[@id='Description']". If you use a free template from us, enter Description in the name of the template engine variable.

Are you unsure or can’t cope with the conversion of your template? We are happy to help you with the migration to a dewabit template engine template. Create a ticket in the member area.

Search and replace in the description

You can replace several terms in the description. Enter the term to be replaced in the search field and the value to overwrite it in the replace field. Via the plus icon () you can insert further search and replace pairs.

Bulk revise: Search and replace

Schedule start in interval

dewabit offers you the possibility to specify the start schedule, which is offered by ebay, in the interval for the items to be processed. This allows you to specify, for example, that the items should start at intervals of 5 minutes.

Bulk revise: Start Scheduling at Interval

Revise prices and inventory

In bulk revise, you have special revision options for price and inventory fields. To edit these, click on the button () next to each of these fields. After you have clicked on the button, a window opens and you can decide which action is to be carried out when the value is revised. There are 3 possible actions to revise:

  • Overwrite old value
  • Keep old value and add new one
  • Keep old value and multiply new one

After you have made your selection, enter your desired value in the last field and click on “Apply”. If you want to discard your entry, click on “Remove changes”.

Revise prices and inventory

Check changes

Once you have filled in all the fields you need to edit, click on “Check Changes” at the bottom right, and a window will open listing your changes. There you still have the possibility to deactivate changes that should no longer be made.

Bulk revise: Finish

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