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Via our item data import function you have the possibility to import items from ebay and save them as drafts. You can import a complete item or a specific content. To import an item you have to click on File => Import / Export => Import item in Main window.

To open the function, you can also enter the key combination STRG+I.

Import from main window

A valid item id must be entered for importing. Then you can select which data of the item should be imported based on the tabs of the Item management window.

Import function

You can also import item data from other sellers. For example, you could import the variants, vehicles list, or item specifics.

Import from item management window

Beside the import from the main window you can also import items directly in the Article management window. Click on Import => Import item in the menu bar. Specific data can also be downloaded here. Fields that have already been filled in and fields that have not been spied will not be overwritten.

Import from item management window

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