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Compatible vehicles from ebay can be imported and exported in dewabit. This allows you to revise the vehicles independently of dewabit via programs such as Excel.

Vehicles Import/Export

The vehicles can be imported and exported in CSV format in item management window under compatibility. To import the list click on the icon () and to export of the vehicle list click on the icon (). Depending on which action is selected, you must either select a directory for saving or the CSV-file for importing.

Compatible vehicles


In addition to CSV export, you also have the option of exporting the vehicles in PDF format. To do this, click on the icon ().


Certain ebay pages allow the import and export of the K-Type number. This number is linked to exactly one vehicle so that ebay can identify the vehicle using the K-Type. In order to export the K-Type as well, you have to activate the option “If possible, export the value: K-Type when CSV-exporting the vehicle list” in the settings under Import/Export.

Exporting the K-Type number requires a longer loading time, as this must be determined for each vehicle.

Compatible vehicles: KType export

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