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CSV Profile manager

Importing and exporting data in dewabit is managed with csv profiles, which you can configure via our CSV profile manager. Apart of our already predefined profiles, you also have the possibility to create your own profiles.

You will find the profile manager in the main menu under Import/Export => CSV => Profile manager.

Open CSV Profile Manager

Profile management

CSV Profile management

You configure the profiles using the icons which you can find in the upper right corner of the Profile properties area. The icons have the following meaning:


Create a new profile

Edit an already existing profile

Delete an already existing profile

Export a sample CSV file of the profile on your desktop

Duplicate an existing profile

Actions during a revision

Save changes


Predefined profiles are prefixed by the save icon (). These profiles cannot be edited or deleted. If you want to make changes to the profile, then you can clone it and modify it by your needs.

The profile management is divided into 3 areas.

Profile properties

In this section you can give the profile a name and a description and define other important CSV properties.


The delimiter is used to seperate the individual values within a CSV file. In the following example, the delimiter is a semicolon (;), which separates the part number from the SKU in the first line.


Decimal separator

The decimal separator specifies the separator of decimal numbers. Here you can choose between a comma (,) or a dot(.).

List separator

The list separator combines a list of values within a CSV cell. As an example you see here a CSV in tabular form. In the column Item images the single images are separated by the list separator |. The item with the item id 12345 has 3 images with the values image1, image2 and image3.

ItemIDItem images

Date format

Here you define the date format you want to use for your date values. You can choose between 2 formats.

Date formatValue in the CSV
dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:ss15.09.2016 12:00:00
MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss09/15/2016 12:00:00

You can change the profile properties of predefined profiles in the Settings.

Profile specification (Items or Orders)

In this section you can specify your profile and choose between Items or Orders. Depending on the selection, options and mapping fields will differ.


When you choose to import/export Items you get the additional option Item specifics (prefix). If you enter a prefix, item specifics will be activated within the CSV and inserted as single CSV columns. If you leave the field empty, the specifics will not be managed.

Below you can see an example with the prefix C: and the individual item specifics Color and Size. The item with the id 12345 has the two item specifics Color with the value Blue and Size with the value XL. The 2nd item with the item number 67890 has only the item feature Size with the value S. The item specific Color is ignored here, because no value is deposited.



When you choose to export Orders there are currently no further options, but the CSV mapping fields will change.


In the last section of the Profile Manager you define the CSV mapping fields. By mapping data values (e.g. properties of items) you link these values to the corresponding csv column.


You have a CSV file, with the columns ItemID and Condition and now you want to insert them in your dewabit item.


In this case you have to link the CSV mapping fields ItemID with the CSV value Item number and Item condition with the value Condition in the profile manager, so that dewabit can assign them correctly during import and export.

PropertyCSV field
ItemIDItem number

Add mapping fields

To add new mapping fields you can either click on the icon, which you can find in the upper right corner of the CSV mappings area, or by right-clicking on Add CSV mapping fields.

Add csv mapping fields

The window for adding new mapping fields opens.

Add csv mapping fields

In this window all fields of a data type are displayed, which have not been selected yet. Fields with a as a symbol are identification values. This means that they will be used as identification during import to find a desired record.

If you create your own CSV profile and want to use it for an import, you should have at least one identification value selected.

When you click the Apply button, all fields with an active checkbox will be added. You can select multiple rows and activate or deactivate them by right-clicking to save time.

Manage csv mapping fields

With the key combination CTRL+A you can select all lines and then activate or deactivate them.

Import mapping fields

Using the icon, which you can find in the upper right corner of the CSV mappings area, you also have the option to import the CSV mapping fields from an already existing profile.

Import csv mapping fields from other profile

Select the desired profile there and then click Apply.

Manage mapping fields

If you have added CSV mapping fields, you can change the values from the CSV field column as you wish. Double-click on the desired cell to revise the value. Values that do not contain a value will be displayed in yellow and will not be applied when saving.

You can remove selected CSV mapping fields by Right click => delete.

CSV mapping fields of predefined profiles cannot be deleted or edited. If you want to make changes to the profile, then you can copy it and create your own profile.


You can select all CSV mapping fields with the key combination CTRL+A.

Predefined profiles

As already mentioned, we offer predefined profiles for items and orders.


The following profiles are predefined for Items import/export.


The dewabit_Item profile is dewabit’s default CSV format for items and includes nearly all variables from ebay and dewabit.


With this profile you can adjust the inventory and/or the item price. You have the possibility to select the items by item id, SKU or a product identification (EAN, UPC, ISBN). The profile also supports variaton items. For more information see InventoryProfile.


This profile is the default CSV profile from ebay. You can use this profile to import your item data from Turbolister.


Below you will find the predefined profiles for orders import/export.


The dewabit_Order profile is dewabit’s default CSV format for orders and includes nearly all variables from ebay and dewabit.


With this profile you have the possibility to revise the order status. You can mark orders as paid or shipped and provide a shipping number and the service provider. For more information, see CompleteSale.


You can save your CSV profiles in a backup.

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