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Orders Import/Export

In dewabit you have the possibility to import and export your orders via CSV. This requires CSV profiles, which can be managed via our profile manager.


To export orders in CSV format you must first select the desired orders in a table. After that you can open the window for exporting the orders by right-click => Export as CSV.

Select orders

Using certain key combinations you can select/mark your orders more easily.

After clicking Export as CSV the CSV export window will open. There you will see information about the selection of your orders, as well as the selected CSV profile.

Export orders via csv

Select CSV profile

When selecting the CSV profiles, you will be shown only the order profiles, sorted by predefined and custom profiles. With a click on the button next to the profile selection you open the profile manager to make changes to the CSV profiles.

Select storage location

Normally, the last selected storage folder is selected. If this folder is no longer available, the desktop will be selected automatically. You can select your own storage location by clicking on the text field or the ... button.

You can change the default CSV file name in the settings.

When you have selected everything as desired, you can click Export to export your orders as a CSV file.


To import your CSV file you have to click on Import/Export => CSV => Import CSV file in the main menu.

Import csv file

The CSV import window will open.

CSV-Import window

There you will see information about the selected profile in the left pane and, as with the CSV export, click the button next to the profile selection to open the profile manager.

Currently, only the CompleteSale profile can be selected for orders.

When you have selected your CSV file and profile click Import CSV file.

Import orders

If a CSV file could be imported correctly the Orders Import window will be opened.

CSV orders import window

In this, all imported orders are displayed and ready for further processing.


If there are any errors while importing the orders, the individual lines will be displayed in the color red.

If you stay with the mouse over a line, the error messages will be displayed as a tooltip. Otherwise you can also display the messages by right click => error messages.

Open errors

This will open another window with the error messages. Errors


Open order

You can view the imported orders with a double click or by right click => show order.

Delete orders

With Right click => Delete you can delete selected orders.

Using certain key combinations you can select/mark your orders more easily.


Currently, when importing orders via CSV, we only offer the CompleteSale profile. With this profile you have the possibility to revise the order status. You can specify whether orders have been paid or shipped, as well as store a shipping number and the service provider.

Once you have successfully imported a CSV file and clicked Imported orders, the bulk order editing window will open. In this window, the data imported from the CSV is automatically set and you can check and adjust the individual orders again, as already known from the bulk order editing function.

Bulk revise orders

Sample import

Below you can see an import for revising purchase orders:

Line numberOrder numberPaidShippedShipped dateShipping numberShipping carrier
1B1111TrueTrue15.09.2016 12:00:00DHL12345678DHL
3B3333True15.09.2016 12:00:00

Description of the line numbers:

1: In the first line, the order with the order number B1111 should be marked as paid and shipped, because the columns Paid and Shipped each contain the value True. Also the shipping date was specified and set with the value 15.09.2016 12:00:00. Since the Shipping Number and Service Provider columns also contain values, these will be revised in the purchase order.

2: For the order with the order number B2222 only the payment status will be revised. Here the status is set to not paid because of the value False. The shipping status will not be revised because no values have been entered here.

3: As in the order from the 1st line, the order is also marked as shipped here. However, since no shipping number or service provider has been inserted, these will not be revised.

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