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An important function to avoid data loss is the backup and restore function of dewabit. To create or restore a backup, click on Backups in the main window.

Data recovery

Create backup

If you want to create a backup of your data, you can do that in the tab Save.

Data recovery in dewabit

To do this, select the data to be backed up and change the default backup path as required.

Note: Write-protected or password-protected paths (e.g. on network drives) cannot be used as backup paths. The backup terminates with an error message.

You start the backup by clicking on “Start backup “.

What is saved?

The dewabit backups contain the following data:

Active, scheduled, sold and unsold items are not saved. If you also want to save these items, save them as a draft.

Restore backup

If you want to restore a previously created backup, you can do this in the second tab Restore.

Data recovery in dewabit

To do this, first select a backup file. You then have the option of selecting the data to be restored. If you only want to restore certain data, you must deactivate the checkboxes of the data that you do not want to restore.

You start the recovery by clicking on “Restore “. After successful recovery dewabit will restart automatically.

Automatic backups

You have the possibility to create automatic data backups when closing dewabit. Therefore you have to activate in the Settings under Backups the checkbox for “Automatic Backups”.

Automatic backups in dewabit

As with the manual creation of a backup, you can specify here which data is to be backed up. It is also possible to specify your own filename and time format.

The backup name (file name + time format) and the selected backup data are automatically used as a template for manual backups. You can also define them if you do not want to use automatic backups.

Backup name

A backup file consists of a file name and a time format. This combination is automatically separated by a _ and the time format can also be omitted, but the file name cannot. If this does not contain a value, the default value dewabit-Backups is automatically defined.

If an already created backup with an identical file name should exist when creating a backup, it will be overwritten by the new backup!

When selecting the file name, not all characters are allowed and cause an error when saving the backup.

The following characters are not allowed within the file name:

  • /
  • \
  • :
  • *
  • ?
  • <
  • >
  • |

Define the time format

As already mentioned, you can also specify your own time format in addition to the file name in order to separate your backups more easily. There are many different format specifiers. The default value for the format is: dd-MM-yyyy_HH, which returns the following time when rewritten: 03-05-2019_10. We offer different predefined time formats, but you can also create your own.

The most important specifier for creating the time format are:

Format specifierDescriptionExamples
“d”The day of the month (1-31)1, 2, .. 31
“dd”The day of the month (01-31)01, 02, .. 31
“ddd”The abbreviated name of the dayMon, Tue, .. Sun
“dddd”The full name of the dayMonday, .. Sunday
“M”The month (1-12)1, 2, .. 12
“MM”The month (01-12)01, 02, .. 12
“MMM”The abbreviated name of the monthJan, Feb, .. Dec
“MMMM”The abbreviated name of the monthJanuary, .. December
“yy”The year with 2 digits00, .. 18, 19
“yyyy”The year with 4 digits2000, .. 2018, 2019
“HH”The hour, using a 24-hour clock01, .. 24
“hh”The hour, using a 12-hour clock01, .. 12
“mm”The minute01, .. 59
“ss”The second01, .. 59

The time format: dddd-MMMM-yyyy_HH-mm would output the following time: Friday-May-2019_10-55.

The upper and lower case of the format specifier is important and the characters that are not allowed in the file name must not be used for the time format!

Backup creation and time interval

To be able to create automatic backups, you must select a backup directory. It should be noted that the folder must not be write- or password-protected. You should select a directory that will not be moved or deleted, otherwise no backups can be created. To avoid a backup being created every time dewabit is closed, we give you the possibility to specify the time interval in which a new backup should be created, depending on the last backup.

The following options are available:

  • Weekly (default)
  • Monthly
  • Daily
  • Hourly
  • Each time it closes

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