Create and restore backups

An important function to avoid data loss is the backup and restore function.

To create or restore a backup, click on Backup/Restore in the main window.


What is saved?

The dewabit backups contain the following data:

  • Drafts (Items)
  • Templates
  • Textblocks
  • Quick replies
  • Custom folders
  • Program settings

Active, prepared, sold, unsold items as well as orders and messages are not saved.

If you also want to save these items, save them as a draft.

Create backup

If you want to create a backup, you can do this in the first tab.


To do this, select the data to be backed up and, if necessary, change the default backup path.

Note: Write-protected or password-protected paths (e.g. on network drives) cannot be used as backup paths. The backup terminates with an error message.

Click on “START BACKUP” to save the data.

Restore backup

If you want to restore a previously created backup, you can do this in the second tab “Restore”.


First select the backup file. You can then select the data to be recovered. Deactivate the corresponding checkboxes.

To start the recovery, click on “RESTORE”. After successful recovery dewabit restarts.