dewabit help pages

Before you can use dewabit, you must create a user account and link your account to your ebay account.

To registration

Open the following link:

Step 1

In this window click on “Continue to ebay”, you will be redirected to a login page of ebay, where you have to enter the access data of your ebay account.

Step 2

After entering your login data, click on “Sign in”.

Step 3

The ebay login page appears twice. You have to authenticate dewabit twice (1x access to the ebay API, 1x push notifications).

In the next window you will be asked to link dewabit to your ebay account. Confirm the link by clicking on “Agree”. You will then be redirected to the dewabit registration page, where you can check your address again. Confirm the registration with a click on “Register”.

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