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download dewabit

After you have registered at dewabit, you can download dewabit in the member area.

dewabit download

Select the version that suits you best. The version that is already suitable for you is proposed.


An active Internet connection may be required

The installation of dewabit is very easy. After the download, start the installation by double-clicking on the downloaded file.


You will then be greeted by the installation wizard.


Accept the license agreements and start the installation with a click on “Install”.


After successful installation you can execute dewabit by clicking on “Start”.


Possible errors during installation

In some cases, errors may occur during installation. In the following we have summarized some errors and possible solutions.

Error Pipe is currently being closed

This error may occur in rare cases when using an anti-virus scanner. Please deactivate your anti-virus scanner for the installation of dewabit and try again.

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