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Variations Import/Export

With dewabit you can export and import the variations of an item via CSV. This enables you to edit the variations independently of dewabit using programs such as ‘Excel’. One sample would be to update the inventory of variations.

Import/Export Variations in Main Window

To export or import variations, make right-click on a variation item in the main window. Then click on Variations => Export Variations / Import Variations.


Import/export variations in the item management window

Another option to import or export variations is located in item management window. Via the icon () you can import a CSV file and via the icon () export the variations as CSV file.


Export variations

If you want to export the variations of an item as a CSV file, the Export window opens. There you must first specify the path where the CSV is to be saved. Depending on whether it is an active item or not, you then have the option of specifying the stock with which the variations are to be exported. Possible options are:

  • Transfer current inventory
  • Transfer start inventory (with which the item was discontinued)
Export variations

Import variations

When importing, you must first specify the path of the CSV file so that it can be loaded. When importing, you have the option that the images of the individual variations of the original item can be transferred.


If the variation screens are to be copied, the variation type of the screens must exist. This means that if the variation images in the original item are linked to the variation type “Color” and the variation type “Color” no longer exists when importing, the images cannot be imported and are lost!

If you import a CSV file for an item that already contains variations, all variations will be overwritten!


The CSV format of the variations is identical to the table in dewabit. The fields SKU, Quantity, Price, EAN, UPC and ISBN (product identification) are recognized as standard fields during import. All other fields are automatically declated as variation fields. So if you import this table into dewabit, the columns Color and Size are the variation types.


In a CSV where the columns: SKU, Quantity, or Price are missing, the missing columns are automatically added with default values. The columns receive the following values:

  • SKU: Empty string
  • Quantity: 0
  • Price: 0,00

When importing, each column needs the same number of values. Otherwise, a CSV file cannot be imported correctly. In addition, fields such as Quantity should only consist of numbers so that they can be read correctly.

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